NC500 Gin

  • Alcohol by volume 50% abv
  • Bottle Volume 20cl

North Coast 500 Gin is a limited edition and unique GlenWyvis expression. Bottled to at 50.0 Abv to celebrate the popular 500 mile Highland coastal route, we have created a more punchy serving of our popular recipe. Made with nine different botanicals, including exotic fruits and locally picked Hawthorn berries, this is a gin in which citrus fruits are a constant whilst the delicate spice is at the forefront. It certainly ‘shouts a bit louder’ with the 50.0ABV, making our NC500 gin a moreish experience.


Tasting notes

  • On the Nose

    The spice given by the roots and coriander are at the forefront of the aroma like stepping foot in to a spice market. The spices are very inviting whilst the citrus and juniper ambush you once you are in the door. Your senses become surrounded by a rich complexity from all nine botanicals. All the time you will remain consciously exited of the 50.0Abv around the corner.

  • In the Mouth

    You may be anticipating a bit of a bite from the 50.0Abv serve but it doesn’t come. In its place it feels like biting in to fresh citrus fruits. The refreshing taste immediately transforms in to the spicy rich complexity.

  • To Finish

    Delicious array of flavours from the powerful spice to hidden creamy almond. In between you will find an assortment of fruits and berries.

Serving Suggestions

  • Accompanied with Tonic - With a flavoured Elderflower tonic to compliment the fruity 50.0 Abv taste.
  • Perfect Serve
    • 25cl of NC500 Gin
    • 25cl of Elderflower tonic
    • several cubes of ice
    • a little toasted orange peel to encourage the citrus botanicals used in distillation
    • bruised coriander to complement the spice