Highland Inspiration

  • Alcohol by volume 46% abv
  • Bottle Volume 70cl
  • filtered Non-chill filtered

Limited to just 1,600 bottles, Highland Inspiration is a non-age statement single malt whisky released in 2016 to mark the laying of the distillery’s foundation stone. The whisky was carefully chosen by us from another Highland distillery; a dram for us to share with you as our own matures in cask.


Tasting notes

  • Nose

    Vanilla, toffee, fudge, malt barley and hint of peach.

  • Mouth

    Caramel, citrus, marzipan, fresh apricot and sweet honey. Add a teardrop of water to bring out more creamy vanilla and a buttery feel.

  • Finish

    The sweetness fades and leaves a refreshingly clean taste, like a freshly sliced fruit salad.

I would describe Highland Inspiration as a clean and crisp single malt. I recommend using Highland Inspiration in a tasting line up as it is a perfect way to start a whisky region line up. The light refreshing dram has all the character whilst allowing room for the other heavier drams to follow. At 46% ABV and matured in first fill Kentucky bourbon barrels the malt reacts perfectly by adding a tear drop of water, but not too much to make the angels cry.

Michael Fraser, Business Development Manager