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GlenWyvis News for October 2017

UK/Global Business Development Manager Job

As the UK's biggest community crowd-funded project, GlenWyvis Distillery has raised almost £3 million from over 3,000 investors to date. As the world's first 100% community-owned distillery, GlenWyvis is on schedule to open in late 2017. Against this background, the board is now looking to recruit a highly experienced Business Development Manager to develop and implement national and international commercial agreements with customers, and across key markets, for the GlenWyvis spirit portfolio.

The Business Development Manager will work closely with external partners to oversee the relaunch of GlenWyvis gin in early 2018 and with the Distillery Manager to create a whisky range to appeal to a UK and global customer base. The successful candidate will have a minimum of ten years relevant experience and excellent knowledge of the UK off-trade and on-trade spirit market, preferably within the gin or whisky sectors.

To apply, email your CV and covering letter to our Founder, John Mckenzie, at

Download the full job spec.

Ginstillation Plans Take Shape as Gin Production Moves to Dingwall

GlenWyvis Gin Distillation Equipment

GlenWyvis has confirmed its order for gin distillation equipment with Forsyths of Rothes, as the world's first 100% community-owned distillery completes its plans to bring both gin and whisky production to Dingwall.

With the first run of new make spirit planned for later this year, and gin distillation soon to follow in 2018, we are now set to be one of a select few dual whisky and gin producers in Scotland - and the only one on the popular North Coast 500 route.

With less than ten dual producers operating throughout Scotland, this announcement provides a further marketing boost as we seek to offer something truly innovative and different in the burgeoning Scottish drinks market.

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GlenWyvis Dual Whisky and Gin Producer

Smashing the Quarter Million

The GlenWyvis team is chuffed to bits to have "mashed" through the £250,000 target on our second share offer.

Huge thanks to Marwa MacDonald for investing the £250 that pushed us over the line.

Get Fired up for Firewater - How to own a Distillery

Why buy shares in GlenWyvis?

Why buy shares in GlenWyvis?

Buying a share in GlenWyvis Distillery makes financial sense and supports an entire Highland community.

GlenWyvis is a unique concept, bringing together people, sunlight, wind and water to make the world's first 100% community-owned whisky distillery powered entirely by renewable energy.

Our first share offer in 2016 raised over £2.6 million in 77 days.

Now is your chance to be part of the second open share offer.

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What is the open share offer at GlenWyvis?

The second share offer at GlenWyvis opened on August 3rd 2017 at the Black Isle Show. After less than two months, we have nearly hit our first target of £250,000. This will allow us to accelerate our brand development to ensure the success of our gin and early whisky sales.

Our second target of £500,000 will bring gin distillation home to Dingwall. Our third and final target of £750,000 significantly reduces our commercial lending costs.

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How much is a share?

Each share costs £50, with the minimum investment set at £250.

This may be purchased by an individual or by a group of people. It may also be purchased as a gift - something that always proves very popular in the run-up to Christmas.

You may of course spend more than £250– in fact - we definitely think you should. The maximum level of investment is set at £100,000. Once you have purchased shares you have one vote as a member of the GlenWyvis Distillery Community Benefit Society.

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Whisky Investment Opportunities

What is the investment opportunity?

The main benefit is being part of an ambitious and innovative project: one that is focused on helping with the rejuvenation of Dingwall by providing employment, attracting visitors and reinvesting a share of its profits back into the community.

Of course, your share is expected to generate a cash return in the near future too. In 2022 we expect to pay our first dividends with annual interest on your share capital estimated at around 4% gross.

We also anticipate shares will be available for tax relief under the Enterprise Investment Scheme, once HMRC has accepted the scheme, and for the tax year in which the investment was made.

Everyone who spends the minimum £250 receives a rewards package, which includes a share certificate, 200ml bottle of GlenWyvis gin, a GlenWyvis gin glass, an enamel GlenWyvis button badge and, after three years, a 200ml bottle of GlenWyvis whisky and a Glencairn whisky glass.

Members spending £10,000 and above enjoy additional rewards - which can be agreed by negotiation.

Your membership also allows you to participate in the Annual General Meeting, deciding on the future and running of the business. It also gives you the power to elect the Board of Directors for the distillery.

Members residing in the IV postcode area may elect up to six directors; members living elsewhere in the world may elect up to three directors. The idea behind this is to ensure that the distillery remains in community-ownership long term.

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What are the plans for GlenWyvis distillery?

What are the plans for GlenWyvis distillery?

We will very shortly be announcing the appointment of our Master Distiller. The distillery itself opens on 30 November 2017, and whisky production begins shortly thereafter.

Whisky cask sales begin at the end of this year, with first option to buy given to our members, of course.

And we will bring the gin distillation onsite in mid-2018 - currently it is being made elsewhere, using Dingwall botanicals, to build the brand name.

In 2021, when we have our three-year old product, it will be released as an un-aged single malt whisky.

At eight years old, the product will reach an age of maturity when the age will be put on the bottle. This will mark the beginning of GlenWyvis whisky moving into significant and mainstream markets in the UK and abroad.

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How can I monitor the progress of GlenWyvis whisky distillery?

We have very engaged communities on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We post nearly every day, with news of construction, events we're at, people we're working with, history of the area and the odd mention of our neighbours, who are mostly four-legged. We also send out a monthly newsletter to all members.

We also send out a monthly newsletter to all members.

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Are there any risks associated with the GlenWyvis open share offer?

GlenWyvis Distillery has been incorporated with limited liability. This means the liability of its members will be limited to the amount paid for their shares. However, we recommend that prior to making a decision to subscribe for shares, you should consider the risk factors and speak to your financial advisor.

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