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GlenWyvis News for November 2017

Helicopters, Biomass Boilers and the AGM

The GlenWyvis helicopter

Even the sky isn't the limit for GlenWyvis.

We've had a very busy week with helicopter flights for investors, film crews hanging out with us, events - oh, and checking the whisky stills work!

As we creep ever closer to our next share offer target of £500,000, we've been keeping up momentum.

We treated some of our biggest investors to GlenWyvis whisky history tours of the local area in a helicopter - including Stefan, who came all the way from Germany.

To a woman, the feedback was positive. Check out all the pictures and messages on our Facebook page. Our competition winner Gillian Smith had an absolute ball: “Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the brilliant helicopter trip this morning. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and hope to visit GlenWyvis soon,” she emailed us.

In between soaring over the distillery, we've been filming on the ground, for some case studies for two of the organisations who have supported GlenWyvis: Plunkett Foundation and Cooperatives UK.

Filming GlenWyvis

Finally, this weekend we were at the gorgeous Castle Hotel to join in the Dornoch Whisky festival.

It was a great crowd, real whisky connoisseurs and lots of investors too. It was our new Marketing and Tourism Strategy Officer Michael Fraser's first event, so it was a brilliant chance for him to meet some of the community.

Finally, and let's face it, most importantly, on Friday we commissioned the 500kW wood chip biomass boiler, which provides the steam for the stills. It was a tense moment but everything worked exactly as it should. Phew! Great job by our construction team! We couldn't distil any spirit as we have no malt barley, yeast or licence yet - but we're getting closer!

We have our first Christmas events in the coming days, so we'll have loads more news for you soon - and don't forget the AGM is at 2pm on 30th November.

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