A year ago today, November 30th, we officially opened the distillery. Since that day, we’ve moved quickly to establish the distillery as one of the few dual producers of both whisky and gin in Scotland. The first casks were filled with new make spirit in February, we rebranded in June, and launched the GlenWyvis GoodWill gin in July. We’ve also added three new staff – and now to mark our first anniversary, we can also unveil the design of the new GlenWyvis tartan for the first time – right here!

We’ve been working with Clare Campbell at Prickly Thistle to create a tartan that reflects both our contemporary branding and traditional ethos – and we will begin producing GlenWyvis merchandise featuring our new tartan in 2019. Alongside the new tartan we will also release a new whisky bottling in our Highland Inspiration series. Blended by Master Distiller, Duncan Tait, this bottling will bring us closer to revealing the anticipated taste profile of the GlenWyvis spirit itself.