Inaugural Release FAQs

How many bottles are available? Will they be gone immediately?
We anticipate having about 2000 bottles available for sale initially. It’s hard to forecast demand, but if you’re able to purchase Thursday, there shouldn’t be an issue.

I’m a shareholder. Am I already getting a bottle?
Most likely, yes! Depending on your level of investment, you should already be reserved a special investor bottle or two. Please contact us at if you’d like to clarify your rewards.

Will my investor discount code work? 
Investors will already be receiving bottles from this batch, so no discounts on additional bottles. Price does include VAT and UK shipping.

Will the bottles be numbered?
Our Inaugural Release bottles will be sequentially numbered at the time of bottling.

Can you ship internationally? 
We can ship to most international countries except the USA and Canada – the website will charge a flat £35 fee. UK to EU shipping costs could potentially change in 2021, and we will contact you as the situation develops.

I’m in the USA or Canada. Really? 
Almost. Shipment of spirits to NA have gotten incredibly complex over the last few years. Please contact us at directly and we can add you to a reserve list. We will not charge you a deposit fee, but we can’t guarantee a delivery either.

My address has changed or will be changing. 
You can contact us any time to update your address. Prior to delivery (by Christmas 2021), we will be sending out an email to confirm everyone’s address, so you will have an opportunity to make changes.