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Our perfectly blended Scottish Highland craft gin is distilled using nine premium botanicals, including handpicked hawthorn berries from a neighbouring farm.


GoodWill Scottish Gin has a crisp, full-bodied taste with distinct hints of orange and lemon, followed by a spiced warmth of coriander and cinnamon.

Pour a generous amount of gin over just enough ice to chill, and add curl of orange peel and a sprig of bruised coriander. The orange peel enhances the gin’s sweet and fresh citrus notes, and complements its beautifully spiced undertones.

The coriander elevates the herbal and floral notes of the gin; simply use it to balance the citrus flavour to your own individual taste. Add a good-quality tonic water if desired.

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Gin making process

Cask Matured

Our GoodWill Scottish Gin, rested in oak casks for 9-12 months for a soft whisky influence.

Quercus Robur
European Oak (Sherry)

Cask Matured GoodWill Quercus Robur Gin – 50cl

Quercus Alba
American White Oak (Bourbon)

Cask Matured GoodWill Quercus Alba Gin – 50cl

Tasting Notes

  • On the Nose

    Reminiscence of forest walks as the scent – guided by the Juniper – leads you through an alpine forest. Fresh blooms can be sensed as the floral bouquet prolongs the forest feel. The aromas of Mediterranean orange groves and freshly prepared lemon zest are never far away.

  • In the Mouth

    Clean, crisp citrus fruits is at first refreshing, and then gives way to a deeper complexity. It is now that the rich spice of orris root, coriander and cinnamon come through in the full, whilst smooth creamy almond helps to create a fine balanced taste.

  • To Finish

    Lastly, the tongue enjoys the satisfying citrus and spice sizzle. While, at the back of the palate, there is a creamy ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ sensation to enjoy. Throughout, this complex combination remains smooth, clean, and fresh.